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  • Posted: June 28, 2019 3:58:06 pm
  • I found some of my trading cards I purchased many moons ago. I'll make a list and see if anyone is interested. These cards are in very nice condition (8.0 or better) as I put them in sleeves immediately for ogling purposes at the time.

    (1990) Marvel Superhero. Full set of regular cards. I also have two of the five holograms.

    (1990) Captain America. Full set of 45 cards.

    (1989) Batman 1966 trading cards. This is a reprint of the classic '66 series. Full set.

    (1998 ) Xena Warrior Princess trading cards. One of the best action/comedy series ever!! Full set of 72 cards.

    (1993) Hajme Sorrayama trading cards. Fantastic painted art. Full set of 90 cards.

    (1993) Jim Warren's Beyond Bizarre trading cards. Painted oddities a plenty in this set. Full set of 90 cards.

    (1992) Boris Series II trading cards. More painted art by the master Boris Vallejo. Full set of 90 cards.

    (1993) Frazetta II trading cards. The best of the best by the best!!! Full set of 90 cards.

    (1992) Olivia Collectibles set. If you like sexy, this is the set for you. Full set of 90 cards.

    (1993) Jeffrey Jones trading cards. More "fantasy" painted artwork than you can shake a stick at. Full set of 90 cards.

    I also have a few older non-sport cards my buddy gave me:
    1) 1966 Batman cards. 20 of these that are nowhere near Mint condition.
    2) KISS cards from 1978. 18 of those for the classic Rock fan. Not in Mint condition either.
    3) Spider-Man 1966 trading cards. Only six, and they are not in Mint condition or even close.
    4) A couple of Happy Days, Planet of the Apes and a couple other curiosities.

    Contact me here or on CBR and I'll offer sweet deals to anyone interested!!!!

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