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  • 1964 Addams Family Variants / Errors

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  • Posted: December 24, 2018 2:54:32 am
  • For starters, Yes this set is already listed. So please bear with me as I ramble on.

    However it ls less than complete.

    1964 Addams Family
    66 Printed in USA Already Listed
    + Variants Not Listed
    66 Canadian Not Listed
    + Variants Not Listed

    So the obvious is the missing Canadian Version. . I have accumulated 2,174 of the Addams Family cards. Out of which ONLY 2 are the Canadian Versions. That in itself dictates they are much rarer than the USA Versions.

    Less obvious are the variants.

    I may be the only one to have caught this and probably would not have except for my OCD which fixated on the Addams Family Set. Apparently during the printing process some of the sheets had been loaded 180 degrees off which changed the back of the cards. If you ar unfamiliar with this set, when you have the complete set that back makes a puzzle. If you have one of the variant....or better referenced ERROR cards, you can not finish the puzzle. Out of the 2,174 cards I have acquired 3 of the USA Versions with the wrong backs and the Canadian Version 1 with the wrong back.

    I've also found a variant of Card #63. At first I thought someone got a spot of paint on a card. Then I compared it to the rest and found that I have 12 Cards with the white spot and 9 without the spot. It ends up that the spot is a light bulb on the porch. It's my presumption that this was the original version and was edited out somewhere during the printing process. I can see why they would edit it out as it is pretty damn ugly.

    I do have one card I call y triple header in that it is the Canadian Version, #63 With the Light Bulb and it has the wrong back. Unfortuitly it is in pretty rough shape.

    Now I'm wondering if there are any other switch ups. I might sit down and start reviewing them. It is a long tedious process, but “IF” I find something new, I might find myself a bit of treasure.

    Best regards, Lazy Bones (Self proclaimed 1964 Donruss, Addams Family Expert)

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